Friday, July 8, 2011

random friday: instagram edition

It's that time again. Friday. Where did the week go? Wait, is it actually Friday? Okay, it is Friday. Lately, I have been really been loving the app Instagram. I love that it has a "tilt-shift" option to give flat photos some depth of field. It's wonderful. Now I don't have to take my big DSLR everywhere I go just to get a decent shot. And the filters are super fun too. I've also found that since it's so simple, literally just point and shoot, that I find myself looking more. I'm looking for things that will be interesting, angles that will make things look different, and great lighting.


A few weeks ago I bought this super cute coloring book. I couldn't resist it. Seriously, look at how cute this is.

I like to take pictures of my office rather than working in it. It's the one area of my life that I feel like I can organize and keep organized, so I like to leave it that way. And that usually means that I sit and look at it rather than working in it. Silly, I know.

Sometimes I like to take out the blender and see what kind of drink I can make. Usually they don't turn out quite as good as I expect. This one is watermelon, honey, and spearmint. It was actually pretty decent.



If you want to get some interesting effects on pictures, try rotating it really fast in any direction and then press the shutter. This is what happens. I call is "Sunset in Motion".

Lately, we've been making frozen yogurt at home in the ice cream maker. It's so easy (even though I'm terrible at following directions and messed it up. haha. but still.)

Happy Summer!

Oh, and I got my haircut. It's been forever. Here's the before. I didn't really realize quite how dreadful it looked until I saw it after it was cut.

And then the after. It looks soooo much better now. Thank you very much to Tracie from Fresh Salon!
Photo on 2011-07-07 at 12.28 #2

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