Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Journey Event

So it's been almost three weeks since the loveliness that is The Journey Event, and yet not a day goes by that I don't miss all of the girls like crazy. Our facebook pages are exploding with comments and links and just random nonsense between each other. It makes it hard to stop missing them, but I don't want to stop thinking about them. Even though we only spent a week together, these girls quickly became my closest friends. They helped me through the unexpected phone call that my grandma had passed away, they made me do silly things that I'd never do otherwise, and they really listened when I had something to say. And of course we did photography related stuff too. But really, the friendships are what my mind always goes back to when I think of The Journey Event. I was encouraged in my photography business and in my walk with Jesus. It was such a wonderful blend of the two. Jesus and photos. My two favorite things and a house full of girls who love both things too.

I have a renewed excitement for my business. And now I know that I have a whole group of girls behind me cheering for me. And now I have a whole group of girls that I can be excited for when things happen in their business and in their life. I can't wait to see how all of our businesses grow.

Oh, so I'm not very good at taking pictures of things and being in the moment at the same time, hence the shortage of pictures. The only time I really took out my camera was on Thursday when we did a photoshoot styled by the lovely Carrie from Fleurish Events, featuring Stella&Dot jewelry.

Now on to the pictures.


Rebekah has a studio and it's absolutely lovely! I dream of the day when I can have a studio. Of course, mine will be a studio/antique store/comfy coffee place. Someday. Check out the rest of Rebekah's studio on her blog, right here.



Anna and Kristi. Kristi saved my neck that week with her wonderful massages.

Babbs is awesome!


The stylized shoot was great. Sarah and Rebekah were perfect models. I'll be able to show you more details of the shoot later. For now it's just the portraits.














Aren't they just so ridiculously gorgeous!!! I can hardly stand how beautiful they are, inside and out.

Here's all of us wonderful girls, well except for Babbs' face. Those are her fingers squishing Bekah. p.s. This isn't my picture. Sarah took it, and Bekah posted it on her facebook. It's making it's way around the internet world. Check out some more of Sarah's photos from the week on her blog, right here this is the link, and check back frequently for her full post on the Journey.

Check out the wonderful blogs and websites of all of the amazing girls.
Anna, Kristi, Babbs, Hailey, and Rebecca.
I love them. They are awesome.

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