Thursday, December 23, 2010

8lb. 6oz. tiny baby Jesus.

It's two days away from Christmas, so naturally I've been thinking about Christmas. But not really in the way that most people think of Christmas, at least that I'm not aware of. When you think really hard about it, Christmas is weird. I've been doing a lot of study of God's bigness. He's HUGE. So big that He's the only one that gets a capital H in he, and caps lock on LORD. He created absolutely EVERYTHING, the tiny little cell that you can't see, to giant space that you'll probably never see the end of. And all of that, it's like He scooped up a tiny bit of water in the palm of His hand. It's nuts. And then what does He decide to do. He leaves Heaven and becomes a baby. A tiny, helpless little baby that doesn't know how to coordinate his muscle movements and can't speak a word. That just doesn't make any sense to me at all. Some people like to keep Jesus as the tiny little baby, and they just don't understand how He could die for us. I can understand Easter. Dying for an entire world of people, that's huge. It's huge kind of thing to do. Becoming a baby just doesn't seem like something that a God who can hold every created thing in the palm of His hand would do. It's just too small. But maybe that's the whole point. It's hard for us to relate to something so huge, but a baby, we can handle a baby. A baby makes sense. I can some what figure out how to go about loving a God that cared enough about us to become one of and live on Earth for a while feeling and experiencing all that we do. In a sense becoming so small, is so huge. I'm thankful that I can love a God that's big enough to hold everything, yet humble enough to care about the little details in my life.

Have a great Christmas everyone! And if you're in the area and looking for a church to go to on Christmas Eve feel free to join me at The Carpenter's Community Church for a non-traditional Christmas Eve service at 7pmtill 8 or so. This year the student ministry leaders got to plan the service, and the students helped put it all together. It's going to be awesome.

Since I don't have any pictures, enjoy this video clip.

P.S. Sorry I'm such a horrible blogger. And sorry this post doesn't have a picture. I know that's really lame. I just haven't been spending much time on my computer lately so I don't have any pictures resized to post yet. But don't worry, in the next week be on the look out for sessions all the way from back in October.

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