Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Friend Ashley

We walked around Lafayette College campus like we belonged there. We sat in the grass and threw leaves at each other. People walked by us carrying piles of books looking all studious. They gave us weird looks. But I think they were just jealous that we were having fun and they had to go to classes. Ashley said that she's never modeled for anyone before. I totally don't believe that because really, she's a natural. And then we found a fantastically odd used bookstore, and there was no one upstairs so we moved around some furniture and took books off the shelves. I LOVE taking pictures with books. I have no idea why. I love the way books look, feel, and smell (but rarely do I love reading them haha).

This is probably my favorite portrait that I've taken, ever. Seriously, Ashley you are so beautiful.
Because reading books requires a thinking face. haha

And then Ashley took some pictures of me.
Yeah, I'm kinda not so sure about my outfit for that day. haha

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  1. I'm a bibliophile, so I LOVE the book pictures!


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