Friday, October 1, 2010

forests, fields, and pixie dust

A couple of weeks ago I helped my friend Laura out with a photoshoot. Except this time I was in front of the camera, dressed up in a vintage dress and pink fairy wings. She's a graphic design major at Kutztown University and for one of her classes she was recreating a catalogue. And of course she chose to recreate an Anthropologie catalogue. Except this one was also recreating fairytales as well. But of course I couldn't resist doing some shooting myself. So we carried around camera equipment and props through out the woods while wearing these pretty dresses and fairy wings. The looks we got from people were so funny. Man I loved it. Everyone was in their workout clothes and sneakers and there we were in vintage dresses throwing glitter. It was great.

And then when we got back to my house I changed into my normal clothes and had Laura shoot some pictures of me for my website. It had been quite awhile since I had new pictures of myself that weren't taken with a self-timer.


  1. Oh Laura, these are beautiful! I might actually have to ask you to take some professional photos of me...

  2. thanks! and yes i will definitely take some pictures of you.


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