Thursday, August 12, 2010

Keenan & Trevor

Keenan is one of the most beautiful girls, inside and out, that I know. She's always willing to model, when she not busy, which is like never. This Saturday she was finally not busy. To say I was happy about that is probably an understatement. She asked me if she could bring her boyfriend along. Of course I said yes. To quote her, "It's not like I'm one of those girls that NEEDS to have pictures with her boyfriend. But you know I'm going away to school soon and we don't have any cute pictures together." They're up for anything, and nothing is too silly of a request. It was fun to have free reign of creative ideas and processing. There are a few more pictures, but they're still in my rolleiflex camera, so I'll post those when they're developed.

umm... HELLO Gorgeous!

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