Friday, July 16, 2010

Follow Friday| Katelyn James Photography

Name: Katelyn James (but I'm sure you figured that out from the title of this post)
Location: somewhere near the beach side of Virginia (ha yes I know that's super specific)
Specialty: making each and every wedding the most beautiful thing you've ever seen
Current favorite blog entry: A Little Something Different

I've been following Katelyn's blog for quite a few months now. If I can recall correctly, she was one of the first photographers that I emailed in the beginning of this journey that really helped me. She's so sweet and I love how she over uses exclamation points in her emails. It just feels like our conversations are one giant hug. I'm amazed at how many shoots she does. She posts at least one new blog with new images everyday, and each time there's something different about them. I love her love for teal, peacock feathers, and people who are in love. It's refreshing and inspiring to look at her blog everyday. We'll hopefully be meeting in a couple of months at the WPPI Road Trip. I can't wait!

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