Sunday, June 20, 2010

crafty crafts

This past week the creative juices have been overflowing out of me. It's quite wonderful. I feel like I've been spending less time on the computer and more time creating things which was kind of my goal, but not entirely. It's exciting to realize that I've come to the point in my life when I can imagine things in my head and then create them and they look like what they looked like in head. All through out my life I would imagine things and then start to create them and they'd look horrible and I'd throw them away half way through. So I've been so excited about this creativity that I wanted to share what I've been creating the past couple of days with you. There's another project that I'm working on, but I forgot to take pictures of it and it doesn't exactly look like much yet. I'll share that later once it's finished.

For these first two items, I got the idea from Promise Tangeman. Her blog is AWESOME!
I finally got around to giving Amy a cd of her photos. She was one of my first models and they were just fun sessions, but she still considered them her senior pictures.

I'm kinda low on money and had two graduation parties to go to this weekend so I decided to create music mixes that revolved around the theme of summer and sounded great when driving in the car with the windows open. Then I created the CD cover. The picture was from a roll of film that I took at the carnival when no one was there (which by the way is kinda creepy). Then I did a little tweaking to make it look more like a CD cover. The inside of the cover has all of the song titles hand written.

Today is Father's Day. My dad doesn't wear ties on a normal basis, but well ties just seem to be the thing associated with Father's Day. He liked it.

Well this card is pretty self-explanatory. Who knows, one of these might turn up in your mailbox someday.

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