Monday, January 19, 2009

The Many Faces of a Youth Pastor

Yesterday was the vote, and today, Jason Burson is the new youth pastor at Cornerstone Church. It's just so exciting that a guy like him will be working with all the students at the church. He has so much energy and passion for helping and teaching teens. Several years ago he started a church for skateboarders. It's an incredible ministry. Often times, the skateboarders are the forgotten and misunderstood of this generation. I think that having him on staff will be the change that the church needs. So today I was at church, and of course I had my camera. The senior pastor saw me fiddling with my camera, and he was like "So... you know how to use that thing?" "Well of course I do." 
He wanted me to take a picture of Jason for the website. With anyone other than him, it'd probably be pretty quick and easy. He just makes the most hilarious faces and I happened to capture them. Now that I've made a short story long, here are the pictures. 

The first one is the one that was good enough for the website.

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