Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Religious People

I want to share a quote that read today in Relevant Magazine. It comes from comedian, political commentator, and author, Bill Maher.
"America is a place where a lot of people say they're religious, but we're phony religious people mostly. You know, the people in Saudi Arabia? Those are true believers. You fly a plane into the building because you're so sure you're going to the 72 virgins. I mean it's evil, but they really believe it. This country, we say we believe, but people cherry-pick. I have faith in doubt. I think if you are adamant in your belief that you are certain that you know what happens after you die, you are lacking intellectually. I think what's interesting is that the religious people, they don't know the Bible. Sometimes they can quote it. But it's amazing how ignorant religious people are of the holy book." 
I found this quote to be true and also very convicting. We really can't just say that we're Christians. It's very important to know the Bible. It's also important to be educated on issues in the world. Just because it doesn't have the label "Christian" attached to it, doesn't mean that we shouldn't pay attention to it. This reminds me a previous entry, Too Christian, Too Pagan
To quote Rob Bell from the book Jesus Wants to Save Christians,
"The Bible is full of stories in which the 'pagan' characters seem to have better insight into the ways of God than the people who are supposed to have the insight. See Jethro in Exodus 18, Rahab in Joshua 2, and the magi in the Gospels." 

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