Thursday, August 30, 2012


i. love. film. end of story. :)

i've been dabbling around with film for a little while now. back in februrary i took a film darkroom class at the Banana Factory. i had never developed my own film before, other than that one intro to art class freshman year, which oddly enough i decided in that class that i didn't like photography. haha. well i guess that opinion changed quite drastically. i've been shooting film on my grandpa's old rolleiflex camera that's probably from the 50s or 60s. film causes you to slow down and think about your shot. there's only 12 shots on a roll and with film cost and developing cost, well those 12 pictures cost about $15. so they better be good. i finally got around to developing 3 rolls that had been sitting around since may or earlier. and then i had my dad scan in to the computer some of the black & whites from my class that i developed myself. i just bought a pack of film last night, and i'm really wanting to shoot at least one roll at every session i have. at some point i would love to be primarily a film shooter. there's just something about the quality and color that no matter what i do, can't be fully replicated with digital. so i wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

first, i'll start with the black & whites.









this blur was a total accident. i found a lens attachment for my camera that said it was a macro lens. i thought that was cool and i screwed it. but the rolleiflext has two lenses that it uses to create the photo, therefore i needed to have two attachments. only having one creates this beautiful abstract blur. 

these next few were from a 35mm SLR that my parents gave me for my last birthday. i haven't done much playing around with this one yet. and i wasn't too fond of the film that i got. it was much to grainy and contrasty for me.



and the rest are from my rolleiflex. the color and clarity of this film is just wonderful. i only had to do a minor brightness editing to these. other than that these are straight out of the camera.










hopefully there will be some more film photos coming to this blog in the near future.

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