Friday, January 13, 2012

Outfit Remix | Week 2

Week 2 of the outfits brought in the lazies. Yes, lazies. I really have to figure out to take better self-portraits. This week consisted of a lot of oh so very lame mirror pictures. But I promise I did my best not to make any "duck faces".

Saturday January 7
I photographed a wedding with my friend Annie at the Bank Street Annex. It was a long day, hence the face in the last photo. There were lots of mirrors through out the day and I just had to take a picture in each one.



Sunday January 8
The day after the wedding, aka "wedding hangover day". This day consisted of sleeping late and sitting around doing nothing. Lazy day equals lazy outfit.


Monday January 9
Nothing too much of interest happened on this day. Just a cute outfit.


Tuesday January 10
Youth group day. Some of the kids made fun of me for looking all business-like. The little green pin is an old eyeglass lens with a picture of a bird glued to it with a felt and pin back. It's vintage and super awesome.


Wednesday January 11
Another lazy day. If I remember correctly I woke up running late for my much needed chiropractor appointment so this was what I threw together and just didn't bother to change into anything more interesting.


Thursday January 12
I'm loving really loving this outfit. I didn't go anywhere that day, but that doesn't mean that I can't wear a cute outfit. I spent some time with Annie giving her the wedding images that I shot and we talked about my branding and website, which I'm super excited to say that I feel like I might have my branding identity figured out. But it'll be awhile before you see any of that.


Friday January 13
I got a haircut today. And Mom and I are twins. If you're in the Nazareth area and need a great haircut, check out The Mainstream Salon. Tammy does a wonderful job.


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