Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ryan {class of 2012} Nazareth, PA

Everyone, meet Ryan. Ryan was my second senior model representative. His only request for his session was that he wanted to have it done on the stage at the high school. This is my second shoot on the stage. Photographing stage lighting is not a super easy task, but I like the challenge. And because of funky stage light colors I did a lot more in black and white this time, but I'm actually really liking it. It certainly helps being friends with one of the people who run the lights, but not so much fun when said person doesn't have a key to get into the light booth. There was lots of climbing of walls only to find more locked doors. Anyway, Ryan is an amazing actor and singer, so it only makes sense to do his senior pictures in the place that he loves the most.
And I thought I'd try something a little different for my blog posts now. I asked Ryan a few questions and had him write down his answers to make this post a little more personal.


q. If you had a day where you only had to do what you wanted to do, what would you do?

a. Theatre :)




q. If you had to choose between the city, country, or suburbs, which would you choose and why?

a. City because there is so much to do in the city. You can spend one day walking through a park while eating a pretzel and the next spending an evening at a fancy hotel overlooking an amazing view.




q. If you could choose which time period to live in, which would you choose and why?

a. I would probably live during the Italian Renaissance because it was filled with culture and art.




q. If one dream could come true in your 2011-2012 school year what would it be?

a. Getting accepted at NYU :)



q. If money didn't matter, what job would you have?

a. I would still want to be on Broadway because theatre is my passion.

Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting Ryan. Ryan, enjoy you're senior year, and I really hope that you get accepted into your dream school!

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