Friday, March 25, 2011


So I have a bunch of random things to mention. None of which are really related other than the fact that they all have to do with photography.
I've done two sessions in the past 2 weeks. One was for my aunt's vintage etsy store. It was so fun. There's lots of great stuff that she'll be selling. I'll be sure to post the link to it once it's up and running. And the other one was yesterday with my cousin's baby, who's now 2 weeks old. And man is he adorable. And then we started having weird weather leaving me feeling funny and unmotivated.

Every so often I go to auctions with my aunt and I almost always find something interesting. In fact that's where a good majority of the things I have came from. Last week we went and there were boxes full of old letters, photos, sketches, and journals from one man. Of course I was very intrigued by them, and HAD to have at least one box of letters. I didn't want them to be separated and put into an antique store, or just thrown away because the other stuff in the box was of more value. To me they were part of this man's life and I wanted to know more. So my aunt got me two boxes of the letters (as payment for the previously mentioned photos for her etsy store). And now I started a blog writing out excerpts of the letters. You can find it HERE, it's titled Dear Edmund.

Like always I'm fascinated with "old things" and I've really been loving the art of film. So I decided that I'm going to start offering to take pictures with my rolleiflex camera with a session. So to give it a try I'm offering a little special for the rest of March and April. The first two people to book a session will get a free roll of rolleiflex photos added to their session.

And here are just some random pictures that were on my last roll of rolleiflex film.


  1. Was the third image taken with film?

  2. all of them are film except for the snow picture.


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