Wednesday, February 2, 2011

rose petal series.

i love pretty things. however, i've just never really been that into roses. i mean they're pretty, but they're just not my favorite. but when my mom started peeling these dried rose petals from the flower, i just had to grab my camera, and a few props. there's a big window directly in front of the kitchen table and all the snow on the ground is making for some nice white light in the house. just perfect for setting up a still life.
lately i've been trying to figure out what my style is. it's not an easy task. i like way too much. i've been playing around with editing and different actions trying to find just the right combination. so far i've been playing around with the vintage look because vintage things are my absolute favorite. i'd say that more of the stuff in my room is vintage rather than modern. i've determined that i like things to be white, bright, softer colors, and warm. but as for executing that in photoshop and having the pictures consistent with one another is another story.

petals15s copy
petals16s copy

p.s. if anyone is interested in purchasing any of these photos in prints(without the logo), please either leave a comment or send me an email for sizes and pricing at
they'd make a great valentine's day gift if you haven't already thought about that yet.

p.p.s if you're viewing these pictures in firefox, the colors are going to be slightly off from the originals. i don't know why. it's frustrating. so for the best viewing experience please use safari. thanks.


  1. These photos are lovely Laura! I really like them.

  2. thanks so much! i think i've finally taken some pictures that i can print out large and hang in my room/office.


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