Friday, December 3, 2010

Dana & Joe

I have a lot of sessions to blog. The wedding from September is done, but choosing and posting those pictures is going to take a little bit more thought. So I decided to blog the sessions in order from the latest (at least the latest that I can show you. One is a surprise for a Christmas present, so I can't exactly post it here) to the newest, with the wedding somewhere in the middle.

Meet Dana and Joe. They are my second clients that I didn't know in someway before the session. I never thought that I'd enjoy sessions with people I've never met, but you know what, I love it. A close friend of mine recommended me to Dana. And I love that too. We had a great afternoon walking around downtown Bethlehem. It was a little cold and wet, okay, it was definitely cold and wet. I can't wait till Dana and Joe's wedding, whenever that might be. They haven't chosen a date yet.


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