Friday, August 20, 2010

Follow Friday | Girls with Glasses

Names: Brooke White & Summer Smith Bellessa
Favorite video: The Girls with Glasses Theme Song

Okay, so if you're not in love with The Girls with Glasses show, there's probably something wrong with you, or you're just a guy, in that case, I'll forgive you. I absolutely love their videos and frequently play them on repeat just to make me happy. If you're having a not so happy day, just watch a few of these videos. They're sure to change that. There's not a single thing about them that I don't love. To say that these girls have incredible fashion sense is probably an understatement. To quote from their website, "The Girls with Glasses Show was founded for every woman who wants to entertained while also being informed and enlightened- it's the smart girls talk show." They are classy, confident, loving, funny, honest, real, modest, silly, adorable, and just about any other quality that makes for a truly fantastic woman. All that they do and are really inspire me, practically daily. I aspire to be as cool as them some day. :)

P.S. Summer is also the editor of an equally fantastic magazine called ELIZA. "ELIZA Magazine is created for women who want to be stylish, sexy, and engaged in the world while retaining high standards in dress, entertainment, and lifestyle. In a media culture that frequently objectifies and commercializes women and their bodies, ELIZA strives to provide an alternative to the current mainstream media that emphasizes sex and skin in order to push products or sell magazines."
Brooke is a fantastic musician. She was a finalist on the 2008 season of American Idol. Here's her official website: by the way was designed by last week's Follow Friday feature, Promise Tangeman)

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