Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am...

I saw this little outline on my friend Sarah's blog a little while ago, as well as on Jasmine Star's blog, so I thought I'd give it a try. I want to share more about who I am and that I'm not just a photographer. It seems like should be posting personal things on another blog and then photos on this one, but well I'm not two people. Both things are a part of me and when I take pictures for you, you get all of me, not just the photographer side. It's hard for me to share things about myself, but it just seems necessary.

I AM … having the hardest time coming up with ways to finish these sentences because words are not my specialty.
I WANT… to meet my future husband some day soon. Someday REAL soon.
I HAVE … a wheat allergy.
I KEEP … my many emotions inside. I don't like them, they make me uncomfortable and I'd feel far to vulnerable if I let them out.
I WISH I COULD … make Virginia closer to Pennsylvania.
I HATE … fibromyalgia.
I FEAR … never having a really close friend in my life.
I HEAR … Kristene Muller's song "St. Francis". It's beautiful.
I DON'T THINK … that anyone should wear bikinis. If you're going to be that uncovered you might as well just be wearing your underwear.
I REGRET … not talking to more people when I was in school.
I LOVE … my Mom. It's cliche I know, but it's true.
I AM NOT … as interesting in real life as my online personality seems to show.
I DANCE … when I'm completely certain that no one is watching.
I SING … loudly in my car.
I RARELY … ever cry. It makes me uncomfortable.
I FREQUENTLY … plan parties in my head, but I never actually have the parties because I don't have anyone to share them with.
I AM NOT ALWAYS … as in love with God as I'd like to be.
I HATE THAT … the people that I've connected most with in my life either live in Virginia or Germany.
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT … who I really am sometimes.
I NEED … to spend a lot less time on the internet and more time being inspired to create real things.
I SHOULD … do and create more things for myself, rather than things that I feel always need to be seen by other people.

And since a blog post is incomplete with out a picture, here's the most recent one of myself. When I'm bored I set up things like this in my yard. I really wonder what my neighbors think of me.

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