Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My Facebook fast came to an end today. It was supposed to be a 21 day fast, but somehow it turned into 30 days. I started this fast because I was doing a devotional book by Justin Kendrick of Holyfire Ministries and part of the book was to fast some media for the 21 days that it took to complete the book. I kept hearing God tell me to give up Facebook. I didn't want to. Basically, I was addicted to it, like most high school and college students are. It was a little difficult at first because I never knew what to do with my time. Then I found myself reading my Bible and doing the devotional when I was bored and wanted to go on Facebook. After awhile, it became a habit. 

When I talked to several of my friends about it, they thought I was strange because Facebook seems to be the staple in college life. I had the chance to encourage them to join me, but unfortunately I don't think anyone did. When you're so involved in Facebook, you don't realize how much it consumes your life. So many conversations these days revolve around what's on someone's profile, or "oh tag me in those pictures", or "did you get that bumper sticker I sent you." The conversations don't revolve around real life, it's all in the virtual world. Through out this time I met several new people, but I wasn't friends with them on Facebook, in fact I'm still not. Yet, I know who they are. We have real conversations about real life. 

Now that I have allowed myself to go back on to Facebook, I have to make sure that I don't fall back into the trap. I went through it today and deleted all of the nonsense applications and people that I never really talked to. I've decided to use it only for contacting people that would otherwise have no way of contacting them. It will simply be like another email account that includes pictures as well. I intend to live my life for the real world and not the virtual one. Who I am in real life is who I am, and I no longer feel the need to make my presence known in the virtual world. Yes, I know this blog is part of the virtual world, but I'm not trying to make myself seem like anyone but who I really am. This is a way for me to get those thoughts out of my head in an organized manner that I wouldn't otherwise be able to get out in just an everyday conversation. 

I would like to encourage you to try the 21 day media fast. It doesn't have to be with Facebook. It should be with whatever form of media consumes the most of your time and keeps you away from God. If you want the devotional book just let me know in a comment or an email and I'll send it to you because I'm pretty sure it's no longer available on Holyfire's website. 

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  1. Hi! Laura, It's me again.
    Hope art club went well.That's exciting for you to be painting again, one of your many talents and gifts. I love what you wrote about living in the real world as opposed to the virtual world and making real friendships with real relationships. Great stuff! You are becoming very wise. Another spiritual gift.
    You should check out, he has his own cd, he sounds pretty good.
    Talk to you latter.
    Love you, Mom


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