Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Week at PBU

I have now been a Philadelphia Biblical University student for almost a week, tomorrow will officially make it a week. The beginning was kind of rough. I miss being home, mostly sleeping in my own bed with peace and quiet and home food. I'm actually making friends fairly easily which is such a relief for me. The atmosphere is so nice here. It's amazing to be surrounded by about 1,000 Christian students. All of the teachers pray at some point durning the class, asking for wisdom and things of that nature. Unlike other colleges, the focus isn't just on getting an education so that you can have a job when you leave. The people here are really interested in your spiritual, personal, and education growth. I don't think I've ever had teachers so interested in my life before.  Being here is completely different than being at community college. When you're walking to class and you pass someone, they just smile and say "hi", the guys will stand and hold the door for you even if you're all the way down the hallway, and people will just sit down at random lunch tables just to be friendly. It's so nice not to have to worry about people constantly trying to bash Christianity and cursing every other word. I don't even know of any other Christian colleges that are so centered around the Bible. Everyone here gets a degree in Bible, no matter what their major is. So everyone is learning Christian theology, and how to study the Bible, and a number of other biblical classes that I'm not taking yet. Incase you didn't already know this, I'm a youth ministry major. So this semester I'm taking a class on youth culture. It's probably the best class I've ever taken, yes, it even beats psychology, not so sure it beats painting, but they're completely different. That's the only thing that I don't like about PBU, is that there are no art classes. There are still plenty of opportunities to be artistic. It's not like the place is void of art, in fact there are painting hanging all over the place, it's just not a class that's taught here. Art most definitely appreciated though. I'm just learning so much stuff, I feel like my head is going to explode. Like I feel like I don't have enough room in my brain for all this stuff. It's all so fascinating and I want to learn it all. I can honestly say, probably for the first time in my life, I enjoy going to school. 

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